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Take a look at the wish list of items needed to help individuals and families in crisis. We welcome donations of your gently used appliances, clothing, and household items. For more information click here.

Community Services:

OCO Community Services Department assists people in achieving their goals through diverse and comprehensive programs that provide outreach, crisis intervention, transportation, education and personal development.

Residential Services:

The Mission of OCO's Residential Services Department is to promote the highest level of self-suffciency by providing transitional and permanent housing, with person-centered supportive services.

Health and Nutrition Services:

OCO's Health and Nutrition Department promotes and provides quality, accessible services that maximize resources and partnerships to enhance nutrition, health and wellness.

OCO Corporate Services:

OCO Corporate Services ensures the viability and integrity of the Agency by managing risks and resources, planning for the future, and upholding standards of excellence to provide the highest quality service to our customers.





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The OCO Press Room

For our colleagues in the news media, who need instant access to information.

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OCO Policy on News Media Access and Relations:

It is OCO's practice to respond to news media inquiries as quickly as possible, depending upon availability of spokespersons or subject experts and the complexity of the topic being covered.

All requests for comments, interview, photos/video, or statements must be handled through OCO Administration, 598-4717.

OCO Executive Director Diane Cooper-Currier is the Agency's designated official spokesperson, and the only person authorized to speak on behalf of the Agency unless otherwise designated by herself or the Chairman of the OCO Board of Directors. Her phone number is: 598-4717 ext. 1017.

Arrangements for filming/photographing and/or interviewing OCO department and program staff, volunteers and clients must be made in advance by contacting the Director of Information and Compliance Betsy Copps at 598-4717 ext. 1092.

Due to confidentiality requirements, federal and state regulations, and Agency policy, all OCO clients, employees and volunteers must have a signed release on file with the Agency before they can be interviewed, filmed or photographed.

News media are free to visit program sites that are public places or service portals; however, many program sites are also clients' homes or shelters and therefore not accessible without permission. Please check with the Director of Information and Compliance first.