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OCO Community Services

Departmental Mission Statement:

OCO's Community Services Department assists people in achieving their goals through diverse and comprehensive programs that provide outreach, crisis intervention, transportation, education and personal development.

Take a look at the directory listings below for services provided by each area within Community Services. Don't see what you're looking for? Check our pages for Health and Nutrition Services and for Residential Services, or give us a call at 315-598-4717 or email:

Directory of Services: Crisis & Development Services

Crisis & Development Services  - 315-342-7532 - assist people in gaining safety, self sufficiency and personal growth through prevention, intervention and skill building services.

Prevention Services

  • BMEN batterer accountability group: 315-342-1256
  • Clubhouse - drop-in style sessions that offer a variety of activities and supports for youth and families while promoting long-term heatlh wellness, recovery, and a drug free lifestyle for young people age 12-17 and 18-21: 315-342-7532 
  • Health Education: 315-342-0999 ext 1456 or 315-342-7532

Intervention Services

  • Crisis Hotline: 315-342-1600 or 315-342-7618 or 1-877-342-7618
  • Homeless Services
    • Youth, Adults and Families: 315-342-7532
    • Homeless Youth Shelter: 315-216-6143
  • Services to Aid Families (SAF) Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis: 315-342-1544
  • SAF Education: 315-342-1544

Care Management Services

  • Backstreet Books - Discount bookstore and Job Assistance Readiness Training (JART) site: 315-598-5669
  • Health Homes: 315-598-6664
  • JART - Job Assistance Readiness Training: 315-598-5669
  • Family Case Management: 315-598-6664
  • OPTIONS - Services for women and infants: 315-342-7532 ext 5
  • PATH - Program to Assist Teenage Homeless: 315-402-2789
  • Supervised Visitation Program: 315-598-6988



Directory of Services: Education

Education Services: Early Childhood Education • Adult Education • Family Development • Literacy Services • Health & Nutrition for Children, Youth and Families

Phone: 315-598-4711 or 1-800-359-4711
Fax: 315-598-4764

  • Day Care: Discovery Day Care Center, Phoenix
  • Pre-K Programs:
    • Head Start - All 9 school districts in Oswego County
    • Universal Pre-K - Fulton and Phoenix school districts
  • Literacy for Adults - Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County (LVOC): 315-342-8839


Directory of Services: Transportation

Transportation Services  provides safe, affordable, convenient transportation to all residents of Oswego County.

Phone: 315-598-4713 or 315-598-1514. If you are making a long-distance call you may use our toll-free number: 1-877-4THEBUS

  • Oswego County Public Transit (OPT) - Public transportation. Click here for the latest route information: OPT Oct 1 2019
  • Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - Transportation to and from medical appointments for individuals deemed eligible under Oswego County's Medicaid Program.
  • Call-N-Ride Curb-to-curb transportation for the Elderly and Persons with Special Needs for medical, social or personal business within Oswego County
  • OCO RIDES - Retired Individuals Driving the Elderly Services (RIDES) - provides the elderly with transportation to and from medical appointments in Onondaga County as well as the Watertown area.  This program is made possible through the combined efforts of OCO Transportation, OCO Senior Services, RSVP and community volunteers. Click here for information on OCO RIDES.