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OCO Home benefits from United Way 'Day of Caring'

As part United Way’s Annual Day of Caring Rich Burritt, vice president of operations at Burritt Motors in Oswego, and members of his staff joined other businesses and community members in volunteering their time to do some spring cleaning at Oswego County Opportunities Independent Residential Alternative home in Minetto.
Rich Burritt and his staff chose to volunteer at this home because Rich went to school with, and still maintains a relationship with, one of the residents. The group gathered on June 14 and cleaned the entire grounds, painted and made repairs to the barn that is also part of the property.  Rich and other businesses will be providing the materials for the project, such as  flowers, mulch, lumber, etc.The day was capped off with a BBQ for the volunteers, courtesy of Burritt Motors. 

The United Way Annual Day of Caring is meant to promote the spirit and value of volunteerism. Enjoy the slide show of photos (below) from the day!

Day of Caring at Minetto Home

Andrea and Kay painting
Christian Andrea Rich & Tom
Andrea, Rich and Tom
Patrick & Ali from United Way
Rich painting
Castiglia workers
Patrick Michelle Kay & Tom
Renee Clarke painting the ramp
On the Porch
Rich Burritt and Tom