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In-Person Assistor & Navigator (IPAN) Program

Continue to provide assistance in enrolling uninsured in health insurance. No face-to-face appointments; staff are working with clients via telephone phone in accordance with Guidelines released by the New York State of Health. Call 315-342-0888.

OCO's IPAN Staff, shown above, provides assistance in applying for NYS health insurance through the online Marketplace.  This service helps with applying for health insurance coverage, obtaining an eligibility, and selecting a plan that works best for the family or individual.  The Navigators will meet with families and individuals at convenient times and locations to gather the necessary documents and complete the online health insurance application. The Navigators are available throughout the year to assist with yearly recertifications, reporting changes to NYS, answering questions and reapplying. The Navigators also conduct community outreach to inform and educate community members and Small Business owners/employees of their options in the NYS Marketplace. Program staff also are community-based at several locations within Oswego County. For more information, call 315-342-0888 extension 1450. Currently, OCO Navigators are only assisting consumers via telephone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.