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Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs)

IRAs are permanent homes for individuals with a developmental or other intellectual disability.


 Our IRAs are designed and operated to provide a safe comfortable home environment where someone with a developmental or other intellectual disability can live as independently as they are able.  We provide Habilitation Services and other types of training  and services to ensure each individual receives the care training and services needed to meet their needs.





IRAs come in various shapes and sizes from a 9 bed house in a beautiful countryside setting to a single apartment in the city.  Many people living in our IRAs have their own bedrooms and at sites where individuals share bedrooms they would only share with one other person. 





OCO has IRAs throughout Oswego County, including the cities of Oswego and Fulton, Villages of Phoenix, Mexico, and Pulaski, as well as the town of Minetto







The Supervised Apartment IRA program is an apartment based IRA that focuses on personal independence with guidance from staff who are available on site most of the time. Each individual has their own apartment and they receive assistance from staff for various tasks. In this program, individuals receiving services are learning independence with cooking, cleaning, money management, community integration, and medication administration with the goal that they will someday be fully independent. 




This Apartment IRA focuses on preparing people to live independently either in a Supported Apartment or on their own in their community. 







The Supportive Apartment Program


The Apartment Program consists of daily oversight and guidance from OCO staff.  The individuals are responsible for keeping their apartments clean, menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking.  Similar to the certified IRAs, each person  living in a supportive apartment works on individualizes goal plans to improve skills increasing their independence. 




OCO staff is available 24 hours a day to assist consumers.  The Apartment Program encourages more independent living than the residential settings. 













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