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OCO's 50th Anniversary Inspires Planned Gift

For more than 50 years Oswego County Opportunities has provided a wide range of human services programs that benefit those of all ages.  From Head Start and the Discovery Learning Center to its Dining and Activity Centers and Home Delivered Meals program, OCO makes a difference in the quality of life for thousands of individuals and families throughout Oswego County.

In 2016 OCO celebrated its 50th anniversary with a community celebration that highlighted each of its many programs.  While those in attendance were aware of OCO, many were in awe of the sheer number of programs the agency administers.  It stirred in them a new appreciation of the work OCO does. “The feedback we’ve received since that event has been overwhelmingly positive,” said OCO Development Coordinator Margaret Barclay.  “People are interested in learning more about specific programs and lending their support to those programs that touched them in special way.”

For one individual that served as a member of the planning committee, the event left a lasting impression.  “Working with OCO over the last year has been an eye opening experience for me,” said Pam Caraccioli.  “I was completely unaware of the services provided by OCO, nor did I understand the sheer volume of children, families, and individuals being served.  OCO is on the front line when it comes to addressing poverty issues and providing services to the underserved.  I discovered how vital a resource OCO is and thought long and hard about what Oswego County would look like should these programs go away.”

Pictured here with Caraccioli (center) are OCO Executive Director Diane Cooper-Currier (l) and Development Coordinator Margaret Barclay.

That understanding of OCO and the impact of its services provided the inspiration for Caraccioli and others to ensure that OCO’s programs will continue to fight poverty in Oswego County in the years to come.  “Pam is one of several people that reached out to me regarding planned giving pledges that allow them to complete their pledge over a number of years.  It’s a wonderful way for community members to support programs that reflect their beliefs and values and ensure the future of those programs without giving a large outright gift.  They are pleasantly surprised when they realize how far their gift can go regardless of the size.”

“The positive impact that OCO’s services have on the 18 to 24 age group in particular, is inspiring,” added Caraccioli.  “As an employee at SUNY Oswego, I witness the outcomes of investing in this population.  Providing services and exposing opportunities to both the K – 12 and 18 – 24 age groups can break cycles of poverty and have an impact on our communities for years to come.”         

For information on planned giving and pledge options for OCO contact Margaret Barclay at 315-598-4717 ext. 1082, or via email at

G&C Foods Presents $20,000 Donation to OCO

G&C Foods President Richard Chapman and Dwight (Kip) Palmer, CEO of the Palmer Family of Companies (parent company of G&C Foods) recently presented OCO with a donation of $20,000. Pictured here, l-r, are: Donna Craig of G&C Foods; OCO Executive Director Diane Cooper-Currier; Mr. Chapman; and Kelly Saukas of G & C Foods Marketing and Graphic Design Department.
“We are proud to count such a caring and community-minded company as G & C Foods among our supporters,” said OCO Executive Director Diane Cooper-Currier.  “As an anti-poverty agency OCO’s mission is to fight poverty in many forms.  The programs and services we offer at OCO provide our clients a hand up.  We teach them the importance of making good decisions and empower them to reach goals that will better their condition and elevate their self-esteem.  We are appreciative of the fact that OCO has been chosen as one of G & C Foods’ benefactors.  G & C Foods’ commitment to our community and its support of our programs is inspiring.”
“G&C Foods deeply values the partnership that has developed with OCO,” said Chapman.  “We know how hard they work to bring awareness to the struggles in our community and the efforts put forth to make it better.  Supporting an organization with a mission like that is tremendously rewarding. Plus, they are an exceedingly fun group of people to work with!”