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Transitional Living Crisis Bed Program

The MHTL Crisis Bed is located at the Supervised Residence and is available to community members:

*Age 18 years or older
*Referred by a NYS licensed psychiatrist
*Carrying a Severe and Persistent Axis I Diagnosis
*Needing a short term stay 7-14 days with staff support to avoid a psychiatric hospitalization or before returning to previous living situation after a psychiatric hospitalization.
*With a selected living situation available to return to after stay in program


Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

* Must be capable of and able to demonstrate self-preservation, i.e., sufficient capability to recognize physical danger of fire, ability to immediately exit the residence in 3 minutes or less and possess sufficient mobility to do so independently.

* Must not be a danger to his or herself or others, is not in need of on-going medical attention, nor have a history of arson or a history of violence or sex offense.

* The Crisis Bed Program is located within the MHTL Supervised Community Residence in Fulton, NY.  The program provides a private bedroom, provisions for 3 meals a day, access to 24/7 on site staff assistance, and assistance with identifying and working toward goals of the consumer’s choosing during his/her stay.