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Mental Health Transitional Living Apartment Treatment Program

The Transitional Living Apartment Treatment Program is a 22 bed program. Eight of the 22 beds are located in one building, in Fulton. That same building houses the TL staff office. The remaining 10 apartments are in scattered sites located in Fulton and Oswego.

Each service area is intended to assist the client gain the skills necessary to live independently in the community of their choice. The client works with staff to devolop an Individualized Action Plan containing goals and objectives based on need.


In addition to the rehabilitative services, some additional services provided are:

• Four apartments are double occupancy, the remaining 14 are single occupancy.
• Each apartment is fully furnished, and supplied with linens, dishware, cookware, television and basic cleaning equipment.
• The staff of the program offer daily visits to assist with rehabilitative services, and can be reached after hours on an emergency basis via on-call phone.