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Transitional Living Supervised Residence


The first program level in the Mental Health Transitional Living Program  is the Transitional Living Supervised Residence, which is both rehabilitative and transitional in nature. The goal of the program is to improve functional abilities to enable movement toward independent living (alone or with others) in a community based setting.

The Mental Health Transitional Living Supervised Community Residence is a 10 bed facility providing 24 hour oversight and support for adults with an Axis I of severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), who are unable to live independently at a particular time. The Supervised Residence Program is specifically designed and operated to assist mentally ill persons to live as independently as possible through the provision of training and assistance in the skills of daily living, and by serving as an integrating focus for the person's overall rehabilitation. 


In addition to the rehabilitative services, some additional services provided are:

*Weekly activities including, shopping, recreation, outdoor activities
*Trips to New York State landmarks
*Routine groups of consumer choice
*Community meeting, weekly forum for consumers to express needs and concerns
*Access to Wellness Center
*Education and engagement in mental health activism events