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Nutrition Services

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Offices are open Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

Since 1974, OCO Nutrition Services programs have provided over 8.5 million meals to senior citizens aged 60 and older and their spouses, regardless of income, adults under 60 and youth. All meals are available throughout the county via the Meals-on-Wheels Program, afterschool sites and summer food service sites as well as at any of the six (6) Dining and Activity Centers. 

Meals are either followed by the USDA meal pattern requirements or planned by a registered dietitian that follows the recommended dietary allowance. The meals are prepared and delivered by our professional staff as well as a network of dedicated Volunteers.

 Mission Statement: 

Maintain the independence and quality of life for Oswego County residents by providing meals, recreation and transportation, while promoting and advocating wellness and nutritional support services.


Nutrition Services offers OCO-RIDES (Retired Individuals Driving the Elderly Services) that provides roundtrip transportation to Oswego County seniors to medical appointments in Onondaga County.

Programs are partially supported through grants from our partners:


OCO Nutrition Services Kitchen staff

showing their support for United Way!



The National Senior League (NSL) Wii Bowling Tournament at the Dining & Activity Centers

The Fulton, North Shore Bistro, Hannibal and Phoenix Centers have been participating in this seasons Wii Bowling Tournament. The Centers each have their own team(s) and they bowl against other teams from all over the state each week for approximately 8 weeks. The amazing thing about Wii Bowling is the seniors get to bowl in the comforts of their Center without having to travel. Everyone has a lot of fun with this and can't wait for the season to start every year! The NSL Wii Bowling Tournament has become one of the more popular activities for the seniors to participate in with their friends, it's great to see how much they enjoy it!

In the featured photos you will see the team(s) from each of the Centers that are participating;


The Fulton Center has two teams (Fulton Fighters #1 and #2) including;

Georgette Gould, Elsiemarie Tucci, Joe Corsonitti, Doc Burgman & Barb Walker.

(this is some of the people on the team(s) but not all)



The North Shore Bistro's Team (The Bistro Bowlers) includes;

    Roger Miles, Patti Williams, Jeanine David & Jim Hochrun



The Hannibal Center's Team (The Hannibal Dominos) includes;

Don Knopp and Joe Wolcik (this is some of the people on the team but not all)