Local Business finds Mission Match in Support for OCO

When K&N’s Foods USA chose Fulton as the location for its first processing plant in the United States it clearly demonstrated its commitment to new community.  K&N’s has created more than 60 jobs and is making the most of its 280,000 sq. ft. space and more than 20 acres of land.

Since its inception in 1964, The K&N’s Brand has maintained a single-minded objective of providing better nutrition through poultry for the health and happiness of the communities it serves. To meet that objective K&N’s Foods USA searched for an opportunity to partner with an agency whose mission aligns with their objective of providing better nutrition, especially to children and youth. Many potential agencies were identified in New York State, but Khalil A. Sattar, Chairman, and Adil K. Sattar, Chief Executive, were both passionate about providing support for underprivileged children in Oswego County’s local community.  When they learned of Oswego County Opportunities (OCO) and the health and nutrition programs it offers for children, they knew a good match was found.  Jimmy Koid, president of K&N’s Foods USA, then set out to explore opportunities with OCO.

“When I met Diane Cooper-Currier (executive director of OCO), I was impressed by the wide variety of programs that OCO offers and the fact that those programs serve families and individuals countywide,” said Koid.  “Diane shared with me the details of their health and nutrition services, from preparing nutritious meals for children and seniors to teaching parents about cooking and making healthy choices.”

The dedication that Cooper-Currier and the OCO staff have for the work they do also left an impression on Koid.  “As a company, K&N’s Foods USA is passionate about the work we do and food products we produce.  We work in the food industry and wish to see children, especially those that are disadvantaged, receive proper nutrition and health care.  It was quite evident in talking with Diane and her staff that they share the same passion for their work and concern for others that we at K&N’s Foods USA do,” said Koid.

“We are very fortunate to count such a community minded company as K&N’s Foods USA among our most ardent supporters,” said Cooper-Currier.  “We are very appreciative of the generous gift we received from K&N’s Foods USA.  It provides much needed funds that will greatly benefit our nutrition services and those it serves.  K&N’s Foods’ commitment to our community is commendable.”  

With a product line featuring up to 18 unique food items, from classics like nuggets, tenders and croquettes to kababs, meatballs, frankfurters and cold cuts, K&N’s Foods USA produces premium chicken products using meat from chickens raised on a 100% vegetarian diet.  “Our products have no MSG, no nitrates or nitrites, antibiotics, steroids or hormones and zero grams trans-fat (per serving),” added Koid.

As K&N’s Foods USA expands its product lines and distribution to include independent grocers and mainstream supermarkets as well as club stores, food services and exporting, Koid sees a strong future for K&N’s Foods USA and the Fulton community.

“We are fortunate to have such a large facility,” said Koid.  “As we expand our product line we intend to fully utilize it by running two shifts, adding lines, increasing our production, and expanding our employee base.  We envision employment opportunities that offer training and potential for advancement.  There is potential for significant growth.” 

With his background in food preparation and production and his appreciation of increased productivity Koid said that he is looking forward to touring OCO’s kitchen and food preparation facility in Mexico. Opened in May 2010, the facility houses a full commercial kitchen and food prep area and produces healthy meals and snacks for the agency’s Nutrition Services programs.  “As a food person I am very interested to see what they do, especially in the kitchen. Maybe someday if I have the opportunity I will donate my time to assist them in the work they do at the facility,” said Koid. 

“OCO is an important resource for our community and we are proud to be able to support them.  If our humble contribution can help in any way it will be great,” added Koid.