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OCO can help employees get health insurance

OCO Program offers Employers options for
Employee Health Insurance

OCO’s Facilitated Enrollment program offers individuals and families the opportunity to receive the healthcare coverage they need. Available through OCO’s Health Services, the program offers facilitated enrollment into New York State’s Child Health Plus, Medicaid, Family Health Plus, and Family Planning Benefits programs. The services Facilitated Enrollment offers are available at no cost to the employer or their employees. Dependent on the healthcare coverage/Health Plan that one is eligible for, a monthly premium may exist.

“We understand that for many small businesses, providing health insurance for employees, especially part-time employees, can be difficult. We are reaching out to small businesses throughout Oswego County to let them know that there is a way for their employees to receive health insurance,” said Facilitated Enrollment Supervisor Julia Smith.

“We are looking to visit small businesses in our community to educate owners and their employees about the variety of New York State Insurance programs of which Facilitated Enrollment could assist in that application process,” added Smith.

Those State Insurance programs include; Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus, all of which offer full health insurance coverage. “These programs are ideal for working individuals who are underinsured, employed part- time, or need health insurance for a spouse or children,” said Smith.

In 2012 the program assisted 2300 individuals in applying for these health insurance programs. As a result, these individuals received a wide range of health care benefits including: regular medical checkups and immunizations, prescriptions, vision, speech and hearing services, dental services, lab tests, x-rays, emergency room visits, hospital care and more.

In addition to enrolling people in these healthcare programs, Smith said that OCO’s enrollers serve as advocates as they provide assistance with any underlying issues that clients may have by referring them to other OCO programs and human service agencies that can provide them with the help they need to effectively deal with those issues. “With the broad range of services that OCO offers it is easy for us to work in conjunction with our other programs such as Cancer Services, WIC and Health Education, as well as Primary Care services in Oswego County, and offer consumers the opportunity to access a wide range of services,” said Smith.

“We invite business owners to contact us to set up a time that would be convenient for them to allow us to visit their business and provide them with a short presentation on how the Facilitated Enrollment program can be a benefit to both them and their employees. We will distribute information on the facilitated enrollment program, answer any questions they may have and get them started on their way to receiving total healthcare for themselves and their families. We want business owners and their employees to know that we are here for them and there is no need for them and their employees to be without healthcare insurance,” added Smith.

In addition to these presentations, OCO’s Facilitated Enrollment service is available at the following locations throughout Oswego County:

Central Square: Central Square Library, 637 South Main Street


  • OCO Administration Building, 239 Oneida Street
  • Fulton Health Center Building, 522 South 4th St., Suite 500

Mexico: OCO Nutrition Services Office, 5871 Scenic Avenue (Rte. 3)

Oswego: Oswego Health Center Building, 10 George Street

Phoenix: Discovery Day Care Center, 80 County Rt. 59 (just off Rte. 481 S.)

Pulaski: Pulaski Health Center (NOCHSI), 61 Delano St.

Smith said that the enrollers are able to meet with families and individuals at any of these sites. For more information on OCO’s Health Services and the Facilitated Enrollment Program, including days and time of availability at the above locations or to make an appointment, and eligibility, contact Julia Smith at 315-342-0888, ext. 1450.

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