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Rural Health Network of Oswego County

The Rural Health Network of Oswego County - Logo

Our Mission

It is the Mission of the Rural Health Network of Oswego County to facilitate partnerships and planning that contribute to a healthy and thriving Oswego County.


Our Vision

Optimal individual and community health and wellness through accessible, efficient, and coordinated health and human service delivery systems.


Our Work

Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee is a participatory body that serves as the decision making body of the network and establishes strategic goals, establishes vision and mission, exercises fiduciary responsibility of shared resources and provides direction for the network. This committee has the ability to organize additional sub-committees (standing and ad-hoc) as required to meet defined Network outcomes. 

Coordinated Services Committee:  The Coordinated Services Committee of the Rural Health Network is primarily responsible for the development of a centralized coordination model that links health, behavioral health, and human service organizations participating in an Integrated Delivery System.

Informatics Committee:  The Informatics Committee will assess and provide guidance of informatics systems relating to patient care. The committee will primarily be responsible for data collection, analysis, and reporting infrastructure that allows the network to monitor outcomes, evaluate interventions and assess network operations.

Corporate Compliance Committee: The Group of local organizations interested in sharing best practices, policies, compliance plans, and lessons from the field of Corporate Compliance, Privacy, and HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

Caring Community Advocates of Oswego County:  A group of local organizations interested in meeting the needs of older adults in our county, focusing on the areas of wellness and quality of life.


Our Initiatives




Oswego County Culture of Health Video





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Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Literacy: Accurate, Accessible and Actionable Health Information for All

Combat Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse

NYState of Health - The Official Health Plan Marketplace

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Tackling Homelessness in Oswego County

Annual PIT Survey Results - 2018


Health Homes of Upstate New York Health Homes of Upstate New York

Community Referral Packet

DOH Community Referrals Guidance


2020 New York State Complete Annual Poverty Report

2019 Oswego County Poverty Report

2021 Oswego County Community Services Directory

2020 Oswego County Government Directory

2019-2020 Oswego County Community Community Health Assessment


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Rural Health Network of Oswego County