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Why I donate:

'OCO makes a positive difference in all our lives'

Thank you!

A sincere thank you to our donors for their generous and kind support of our programs and our mission.

OCO values the ideal that people are strong and capable and have a right to, and deserve, a better life. We can all make a difference!

The following are some reasons why our donors chose OCO:

"As a board member, I donate to OCO because I see first hand the impact it has on our community and our community members. When those we help share their stories, it's powerful and has impact. OCO makes a positive difference in all our lives and that's why I donate. "    

~Deana Michaels


“Working with OCO over the last year has been an eye opening experience for me,” said Pam Caraccioli.  “I was completely unaware of the services provided by OCO, nor did I understand the sheer volume of children, families, and individuals being served.  OCO is on the front line when it comes to addressing poverty issues and providing services to the underserved.  I discovered how vital a resource OCO is and thought long and hard about what Oswego County would look like should these programs go away.”

“Pam is one of several people that reached out to me regarding planned giving pledges that allow them to complete their pledge over a number of years.  It’s a wonderful way for community members to support programs that reflect their beliefs and values and ensure the future of those programs without giving a large outright gift.  They are pleasantly surprised when they realize how far their gift can go regardless of the size” said Margaret Barclay, Development Coordinator for OCO.

“The positive impact that OCO’s services have on the 18 to 24 age group in particular, is inspiring,” added Caraccioli.  “As an employee at SUNY Oswego, I witness the outcomes of investing in this population.  Providing services and exposing opportunities to both the K – 12 and 18 – 24 age groups can break cycles of poverty and have an impact on our communities for years to come.”          

~Pam Caraccioli


"As a long term OCO Board member and Committee member, I am aware of the many positive services that OCO provided for over 20,000 individuals and families in 2016.  I want to help OCO continue to provide services to people in need.  My wife and I include OCO in our charitable gifts each year, and I have included OCO for a larger gift in my will.”

~Corte Spencer


For information on planned giving and pledge options for OCO contact us at 315-598-4717.