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Healthy Miles Coalition: Walk from London to Paris in February!

Walk London with Doggo

The Oswego County Healthy Miles Coalition invites people to join a month-long virtual world walk. During the month of February, participants can record their steps toward the World Walking Group’s online event – a virtual walk from London to Paris.

“Go to www.worldwalking.org and download the free app onto your smartphone or device or log in to it on your computer and create an account,” said Virginia Bough, program specialist, Oswego County Opportunities. “Then, just start walking! With the fresh snow we’ve had recently, many people are out snowshoeing and that counts, too. Just keep track of your steps – however you make them – and allocate them to your walks in your account. There is also a GPS feature built into the app that automatically tracks your distance when you are on the go.”

The app is compatible with Apple and Android products as well as Fitbit. It offers a wide variety of walks across the country and around the globe that people can participate in. It features a “street-view” function that shows scenic stops and interesting sites as well as geographic and historical information about milestones along the way.

People can choose to walk individually or with a group, whenever or wherever they can, whether it is in their home, at the gym, or out at a public park. Included here is a photo of Margaret Boscor with her dog Lila snowshoeing at Great Bear Springs Recreation Area in Fulton. (Photo courtesy of Richard Drosse.)

This last year has been stressful for many people due to COVID-19. Walking, hiking and snowshoeing are all excellent ways for people to relieve stress.

Oswego County Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang said, “Regular exercise improves our overall physical and mental health. Hiking and snowshoeing help to utilize muscles that aren’t necessarily exercised every day. The crisp winter air and deep breathing helps to improve blood flow and lower stress, which is important to mental health, especially during this pandemic.”

“It’s a great activity for social distancing right now and the timing is perfect. Many people are setting new goals with the start of a new year,” said Bough. “This is a fun and interesting way to add a new dimension to that.”

For more information, contact Virginia Bough at 315-602-6036 or vbough@oco.org.

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