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OCO Transit Operator recognized for service

You may not know his name but I’m sure you’ve seen his smile as you enter Oswego Hospital. Melvin Anthony transports patients to and from Oswego Hospital. He continually goes above and beyond for our patients and their families. We recently received a note from a daughter expressing just that.

“Today I was moved to tears by the kindness of Melvin, the OCO bus driver. My mom was being transported from an appointment. Someone dropped the ball and we waited an hour and a half. She was tired and a bit annoyed (as was I). After he got her loaded I asked if she was all set and told her I loved her and would call in a bit. He sensed my worry and leaned down and said “When you’re standing there she’s your mom, but as soon as I load her, she’s my mom”. I cried my eyes out. God bless you, Melvin”.
Oswego Health and OCO staff and board members gathered to celebrate Melvin for his kindness and service to his passengers.

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